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About us

MYHIXEL Academy is a platform dedicated to sex education where men’s intimate health is the main focus. At MYHIXEL, as brand that focuses on improving men’s sex lives, we believe we need to spread quality content about sexual education in order to enhance men’s sexual health and break all the taboos surrounding this topic.

In our digital academy, we strive to reach everyone with relevant content created by experts and profesionals of sexual health, willing to reach a society that is aware of the importance of having a plenty sexual wellness.

The platform is divided into different blocks of content on male sexual health, accompanied by audiovisual material and lessons from specialists. As our goal is to make sex education accessible to as many people as we can, we’ve made our platform affordable. We believe we’re part of a teaching revolution, showing that there are no taboo subjects when it comes to male sexuality and health.

“At MYHIXEL we care about your sexual/intimate health and wellness. Our mission is to help you to achieve it in the most easy and convenient way. “


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