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What is delayed ejaculation, causes, symptoms, fake myths and how to solve it are some of the subjects of this course.


Delayed ejaculation is the difficulty to ejaculate and sometimes have problems reaching orgasm during intercourse. Not many people are aware of this sexual dysfunction and many people find it very confusing because of the false belief that delayed ejaculation is similar to having excessive ejaculatory control.

In this course you will learn; through academic and verified content, to identify delayed ejaculation, the causes, and how to overcome it, as well as the difference between this dysfunction and anejaculation. This course will be accompanied by audiovisual resources that will complement your learning on this topic.

Lesson 1:
Delayed Ejaculation: What it is and why it happens
Lesson 2:
Delayed Ejaculation: symptoms and Anejaculation
Lesson 3:
Ejaculatory control: what it is and how to increase it
Lesson 4:
Self awareness: how to detect delayed ejaculation
Lesson 5:
Pharma solutions: When are they recommended?
  • Medicines
Lesson 6:
Natural solutions: overcoming delayed ejaculation without drugs
  • Taboos: Breaking the taboos surrounding delayed ejaculation
  • Systematic desensitization: how to increase self-control
  • Body awareness: how to be aware of every bodily sensation
Lesson 7:
Sex beyond the penis: disassociating the importance of the penis in sexual intercourse
  • Erogenous zones of the male body
  • Sexual concentration: the importance of sexual fantasies
  • Other natural solutions: therapy with professionals

Lesson 8:

Delayed ejaculation: facing it as a couple