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Can exercise help you improve in bed? Yes, it can.
The greater our mental health, the better our sexual health– did you know that?
That’s right!  That’s why exercising and living healthy lifestyle can improve your sexual well-being.
Were you looking for an excuse to start working out? Let’s go into it in more depth…


Healthy mind, healthy body. The more relaxed we are and the less anxiety we have, the better our sex life will be. This is just one of the reasons why practicing sports is key to improve your sex life.

In this course you will learn how excercising can benefit your intimate health, how it influences your sexual drive, and how it impacts many more aspects of your sexual health. Through audio guides, step by step videos, illustrations and more resources, you will turn exercise into a tool to get more sexual satisfaction.

It also includes an EXERCISE ROUTINE based on the training plan for sexual enhancement, created by one of our professionals, a personal trainer and expert in sexual health.


Lesson 1:
How does exercise benefit your sexual life?

Lesson 2:
The relationship between hormones and sexual desire

Lesson 3:
Testosterone and exercise: influence on sexual health

Lesson 4:
Training plan to improve sexual health

Lesson 5:
Anabolic agents: what are they, and how do they affect sex?

Lesson 6:
Pelvic floor: training to improve sex life