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How healthy foods can
influence your sex life


We are what we eat and this affects all areas of our health, including sexual health.

Then… what should you eat to improve your sexual life?
Does your diet really influence your sex life?
Are there foods that increase sexual desire?
Can your diet improve your fertility?

Learn how to eat healthy to improve your satisfaction in bed in this course Learn how to eat healthy with this course, for greater satisfaction in bed and in many other aspects of your intimate life.


The nutrients you ingest not only improve your overall health, but can help you increase your intimate satisfaction and well-being. Eating healthy (as well as following other healthy habits such as exercise) can make a difference in your intimate life, with benefits in different aspects such as libido, fertility, pleasure, etc.

In this course we give you the keys to understand how your diet can influence your sexual health and what are the steps to follow to achieve greater well-being.

In addition, it includes two DIETS FOR A WEEK FOR SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT, one aphrodisiac, to increase libido and another to promote fertility. Both diets are part of our complete 3-week Nutrition Plan, developed by one of our specialists and nutritionists. Access our course and we will tell you everything!.


Lesson 1:
Myths about nutrition and sex

Lesson 2:
The importance of testosterone and how it impacts your diet

Lesson 3:
How to improve your mood with nutrition

Lesson 4:
APHRODISIAC MENU for better sexual satisfaction

Lesson 5:
Nutrition and fertility