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What is PE, why it happens or which are the symptoms are some of the subjects available for you in this course,
which also explains how to get over Premature Ejaculation.


1 in 3 men suffer or have suffered premature ejaculation at least once a year and barely the 20% of them talk about it with a specialist or with their friends. What most of them do port of call is the internet, where they could find untrustable info confusing them even more. 

This course about premature ejaculation it has been created by experts to provide quality content about PE and everything that surrounds it.


Lesson 1:

Causes of Premature Ejaculation: What it is and why it happens.

Lesson 2:

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation.

Lesson 3:

Ejaculatory control: what it is and how to achieve it.

Lesson 4:

Test: Do you have Premature Ejaculation? Best way to discover how to get over Premature Ejaculation naturally.

Lesson 5:

Self awareness: feel and understand how stress, anxiety and problems with your partner affects your body.

Lesson 6:

Pharma Solutions: Until when are lotions and medicines recommended?

  • Medicines for PE
  • Lotions for PE

Lesson 7:

Natural Solutions: without side effects

  • MYHIXEL MAX: what it is?
  • Taboos: Breaking the taboos surrounding Premature Ejaculation.
  • Systematic desensitization: Facing an adverse situation

Lesson 8:

Sex beyond the penis: disassociate the importance of the penis in sexual relations. 

  • Erogenous zones
  • Sexual fantasies
  • The MYHIXEL Method
  • Therapy and MYHIXEL Clinic