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We are a revolutionary brand focused on men's sexual health, providing solutions to enhance their sex life.

Our approach involves incorporating cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and scientific research to create a wide range of products and services that promote holistic sexual wellness for men.


Choose our solution if you are seeking to gain control over your ejaculation for any of the following reasons:

Choose our solution if you are seeking to gain control over your ejaculation for any of the following reasons:

- You are experiencing issues with ejaculation control, either consistently or intermittently.

- You prefer to use a 100% natural solution that is completely free of significant side effects.

- You want to achieve complete ejaculatory control and enhance your overall sexual experience.

- You believe that stress or anxiety is impacting your relationships and sex life.

- You want to extend the duration of your sexual encounters by up to 7 times longer.


MYHIXEL Control boasts a range of advanced features that make it the most innovative solution for improving ejaculatory control. The solution comprises an upgraded MYHIXEL Play app and its companion, the MYHIXEL II stimulation device. MYHIXEL Control has been developed by collaborating with international sex therapists, urologists, and multiple universities and hospitals to incorporate cutting-edge technology into the design of the app and the stimulation device.
The activities in the 8-week program are designed to be performed in conjunction with the MYHIXEL device, allowing men to train for climax control in a highly realistic manner. Through progressive learning and increased awareness of the ejaculation mechanism, men can effectively gain control over their ejaculation.


  • “The device itself seems to be well built so far, I've had it for a few months now. But the real magic for me was in the app. I didn't realize at what point I could become aware and even control certain parts of my body. Even if I didn't struggle to last longer this would be useful to know for any guy!”


  • “Honestly it's worth it just for the app, the stuff you learn in there will really help your sexlife, small investment for something so important.”


  • “The combination of the app teaching you stuff and giving you activities to try is excellent.”



Approved by experts in sexology and urology.

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    Two thirds of the patients who participated in our latest study have stopped suffering from premature ejaculation.

    Foto del doctor Jesús Rodríguez

    Dr. Jesús Rodríguez

    Sex Therapist

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    Projects like MYHIXEL
    are always welcome
    in the field of Sexology.

    foto del Doctor Borja Rodríguez

    Borja Rodríguez

    Sex Therapist

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    MYHIXEL offers men an effective therapy for PE that they can do in the privacy of their home with support from the MYHIXEL team.

    Foto de la Doctora Karin E. Eilber

    Dr. Karin S. Eilber


Approved by experts in sexology and urology.


Foto de la fundadora Patricia LópezFoto de la fundadora Patricia López


Having worked for a leading brand in the sextech industry for a number of years, Patricia noticed a significant disparity between the options available for addressing male sexual issues compared to the more mature market for female sexual health. Determined to address this gap and improve men's sexual health, she decided to focus on a common issue affecting one-third of men - the lack of ejaculation control.

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